Line of Business

CAL-WEST fire Sprinkler Repair & Service Center
The life cycle of automatic fire sprinkler protection begins with engineering design and installation. It continues to infinity with maintenance through inspection and service.

That is CAL-WEST

Over years, CAL-WEST has retained the fire protection expertise that makes us your number one choice for system(s) maintenance throughout the West and Pacific regions. We stand ready 24 hours a day with qualified service and engineering technicians to inspect and maintain your alarm and detection equipment, automatic wet-pipe, dry-pipe, pre-action and deluge systems, as well as all special hazard fire suppression equipment.

CAL-WEST perpetual experience with local and national fire codes and standards have gained us the continuous credibility with local building and fire departments and the full range of national insurance rating organizations.

CAL-WEST Protecting people and valuable resources for years and establishing customer confidence through total teamwork, from design, fabrication, and installation to long-term inspection and maintenance.